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This form is an service of the Biophysics Department (Institut für Physikalische Biologie; Heinrich Heine-Universität Düsseldorf).

A Tinoco Plot (Tinoco et al., 1971) is simple a tool to investigate possible secondary structure elements in RNA or DNA single strands. With a given RNA or DNA sequence this tool will calculate all possible helices and displays them in a two-dimensional plot. Choosing 'DNA' only Watson-Crick base pairing is allowed whereas 'RNA' performs also G:U base pairing. The parameter 'minimum helix length' is used to suppress the display of smaller helices.

The output formats are PDF, PostScript, CSV, and GIF. PDF can be displayed by Adobe's Acrobat Reader, PostScript has also to be displayed by an external viewer (Ghostscript), CSV is viewable in a spreadsheet program, and GIF is automatically embedded in a HTML document as 'inline image'. GIF output is currently limited to sequences shorter than 200 Nts in length.

Ref.: Tinoco, I.Jr., Uhlenbeck, O.C. & Levine, M.D. (1971) Nature 230, 363-367.

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G. Steger
Mar. 22, 2001