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This form is an service of the Biophysics Department (Institut für Physikalische Biologie; Heinrich Heine-Universität Düsseldorf), further informations are available from the help page!
The Poland server will calculate the thermal denaturation profile of double-stranded RNA, DNA or RNA/DNA-hybrids based on sequence input and parameter settings in this form.
Calculation is based on Poland's algorithm in the implementation described by Steger. Graphics results are directly sent to your WWW client.
Sequence title line:
(plain format;
no numbers;
max. 1000 nts;
min. 5 nts)
Mismatched positions: (comma-separated numbers)
Thermodynamic parameters:
Dissociation constant ß:
(ß is function of seq.length)
Long double strand
(default: ß=1.0E-3/M)
Strand concentration:
(default: 1.0E-6 M)
Temperature range:
Low temperature limit: (default: 40.0 °C) High temperature limit: (default: 110.0 °C) Temperature step size: (default: 2.0 °C)
Which graphics do you want:
Tm(p=50%) plot 3d plot Mobility plot Melting curve Diff. melting curve
Graphics size:
(GIF format)

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Apr. 17, 2021
G. Steger, A. Wilm, S. Gräf, M. Labensky & A. Jäger